Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Leprechaun Traps arriving in Library!

Every year, we have the same problem in March: pesky Leprechauns turn the library upside down with their mischief and pranks. Some days entire book shelves are upended, our shelfmarkers have been misplaced, and once or twice fiction books have been in non fiction! (#library problems, right?)

2nd grade used to do an entire unit planning and designing Leprechaun Traps and the library would be full of intricate cages and ladders. This year 2nd grade had a PBL that zapped most of their time but I still wanted to have the Leprechaun magic over here. Next year they come back as older, wiser 3rd graders who just give me The Look.

We have been researching the little elves and even though they are sneaky and private, we have found that they enjoy gold and sweet treats. We wonder if that is the key to getting their attention. I will keep you updated on what we find, I LOVE the traps the kids are doing on their own and bringing.