Saturday, March 9, 2013

Choosing Kind - Wonder Book Club to begin

I read RJ Pallacio's Wonder while my youngest daughter was in the hospital a few weeks ago. Thankfully, it was a short visit and everything is better now. This book had been on my "to read" list and honestly, if I hadn't had hours with my 6th grade daughter I may have not gotten to it. As it was we started it together (out loud) and it was not long at all before she kidnapped my Kindle and we were all over the place. Her nurses had to ask her a few times to drop the Kindle so they could do what they needed.

Instantly I knew I wanted, needed to share this with every kid I know...right? This week we will begin a lunch time book club for 5th graders. This is our first Book Club and I can't wait to see how much the kids love this book.

The Busy Librarian has posted a great activity for the end of this book club.... does anyone else have any comments or insights on activities I should try? My initial group will have 6 kids, with a long waiting list for following sessions.