Saturday, July 30, 2016

Third ULTIMATE Bulletin Board Collection in ONE PLACE

WOW! I get it, I totally do. My Bulletin Board Posts are BY FAR my most popular. Here we go, I have pulled together the best bulletin boards from all over the web IN ONE PLACE.

There are soooo many beautiful boards everywhere but when I choose boards I have very specific criteria:

 A board must make maximum impact with minimum words.
Can I recreate this quickly? I have a central board in the school and change frequently.
Is this current and of interest to KIDS?

When possible I have cited the origin of all boards. If yours is here and I haven't given you credit PLEASE let me know so I can fix that.

 Anderson Branch Library Lincoln, Nebraska

via Colette Cassinelli Flickr

 Busy Miss B

TPACK Deconstructed in 3 Minutes

This summer I had the opportunity to do some Tech work with a progressive school district. One of the assignments I was given was to create a 3 minute video presentation on TPACK geared toward school administrators.

Each year our teachers get busier and more is asked of them. Each year technology changes, improves and seeps more into our kids' lives. I have noticed that each year more teachers resist technology (understandably so). This presentation is aimed to help teachers understand TPACK and help us understand TPACK as tech support specialists. When we understand the best methodology to apply successful tech our teachers' success skyrockets.