Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Year of Bulletin Boards OR Pinterest Hacks for Libraries

Ideal Bulletin Board: SIMPLE and Impactful
OK, I am going to take it while I can - day two of team camps means I can cross ANOTHER Summer Goal off my list. Inconceivable!

Our Library is in the center of the school and has no walls. So yes, that's exactly as it sounds - a completely open design that everyone in the school sees daily. Because of this I am extra sensitive about my bulletin boards and they are a constant stressor for me. And forget children growing, nothing makes times fly like a season sensitive bulletin board. Unfortunately.

But that's ok, this year I am not going to stress each month about what fabulous message I will find and create - here is my list for the coming year. Keep in mind these ideas made the cut because they offer the whole package - attention grabbing, timely and SIMPLE. No murals here, people. This is absolutely one of the areas I feel my part time status.

I have one large board, one small side board and two small cases that face the halls. The smaller boards hang onto their messages longer than the main show.

August/ September: Books are just really long text mssges
October: Vampire Take a Bite out of a Good Book
November: SKippy Jon, Dude I can Read You like a Book
December: either Pete the Cat Santa Bus or Holiday PostCard
January: No, PostCard just won because I can make it work for December and January
February: Are You a Library Book? BC I'm Checking You Out!
March : Escape guy into Book
April: Turn it Off no Screen Week Graphic
May: Mermaid Dive into Reading

In Our Library: we.....
Movies/ Books Display

STEM Feature in Front Case

Genres in Back Case:
Think Pink
Boys Read

I will also do a cool Banned Books Week Display on top of the cases in September.

So, this is not even half the battle but again, a good start for June. Like menu planning, I still have to shop and cook but now we are having what we are having. And that helps!

Almost all of these ideas came from Pinterest...I am following a LOAD of AMAZING Librarians and Educators. Definitely check out my Pinterest Library Board to see some of the collections.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Goals Progress!

OK, not bad at all! So this is what happens when the kids are gone at the same time (thank you, team camps). I am determined to get through my summer goals this year and today was not a bad start. I love seeing where my holes are in Library Events. This also shows me very clearly that I need to research and plug in STEM events through the year. And I guess if they don't have them I will invent them.

I KNOW I have missed quite a few events that Libraries are celebrating. I spent some time going through blogs and calendars posted online but I decided it was time to create and add as I go. IF YOU KNOW OF AN EVENT I HAVE MISSED PLEASE LET ME KNOW. My purpose is to be as comprehensive as possible. And this is not to include Holidays, etc but Library and Literacy Events. And STEM events to come. THANKS!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Goals

ok, this post is mostly for myself in lieu of making a list and misplacing it in my 2013 planning calendar. right now I am letting summer sink in (and that may take a while) but as soon as that happens it is time to prep for the fall.

note to self: this is a to-do list for summer, NOT a library 2013-2014 goal set

1. create comprehensive elementary library calendar full of events/happenings I want to cover this year. Goal is discover these items now, not the day before the week begins and kick myself for not joining this year.

2. gather STEM and Curriculum Maps from teachers. Identify and prepare tech support for each grade.

3. prepare reading list reward packets

4. prepare book club list and format

5. outline tech timeline for 2013-2014

6. map and prep bulletin boards for the year.

7. create comprehensive tech "toolbox" for this year

8. research, write and submit grants for STEM nonfiction support and tech (1:1 is NOT a pipedream!)

9. consider centers for library time

10. arrange SKYPE partnerships and schedule

11. arrange author visits whether in person or virtual *beginning steps taken*

12. go through pinterest boards and determine which ideas I want to incorporate this year. edit boards

13. create and post library goals for 2013-2014

14. in early August place Titlewave order to be processed and at school by late August

15. update media website

OK, that feels comprehensive and do-able. I have 13 weeks, that roughly amounts to one goal a week. I can do that, right?  The line between home during summer and library work kills me, it is a vast canyon to jump. I think that will be a large part of the challenge. My breathing children like attention during warm months and this child fills my head large in summer.