Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Goals

ok, this post is mostly for myself in lieu of making a list and misplacing it in my 2013 planning calendar. right now I am letting summer sink in (and that may take a while) but as soon as that happens it is time to prep for the fall.

note to self: this is a to-do list for summer, NOT a library 2013-2014 goal set

1. create comprehensive elementary library calendar full of events/happenings I want to cover this year. Goal is discover these items now, not the day before the week begins and kick myself for not joining this year.

2. gather STEM and Curriculum Maps from teachers. Identify and prepare tech support for each grade.

3. prepare reading list reward packets

4. prepare book club list and format

5. outline tech timeline for 2013-2014

6. map and prep bulletin boards for the year.

7. create comprehensive tech "toolbox" for this year

8. research, write and submit grants for STEM nonfiction support and tech (1:1 is NOT a pipedream!)

9. consider centers for library time

10. arrange SKYPE partnerships and schedule

11. arrange author visits whether in person or virtual *beginning steps taken*

12. go through pinterest boards and determine which ideas I want to incorporate this year. edit boards

13. create and post library goals for 2013-2014

14. in early August place Titlewave order to be processed and at school by late August

15. update media website

OK, that feels comprehensive and do-able. I have 13 weeks, that roughly amounts to one goal a week. I can do that, right?  The line between home during summer and library work kills me, it is a vast canyon to jump. I think that will be a large part of the challenge. My breathing children like attention during warm months and this child fills my head large in summer.