Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Frankenstein in the Library - Multi Media Fun for all ages

I am going to skip telling you how much I love Halloween, bla bla bla.... we all do and it is the best time of year in the Library, right? OK - established, here are some really fun Frank resources that came together quickly and easily for multiple grades this week.

David Catrow's Monster Mash is delightfully illustrated and just spooky enough to keep elementary schoolers' attention. When presented with the original song this book makes for a FUN way to start the hour.

Frank was a Monster who wanted to Dance - what fun! The pictures are beautiful and original through and through. Stumbling upon the animated video was such a bonus - especially when Frank boogies and has the greatest voice. A short story enhanced by the animation is perfect for the younger Halloween fans.

 To top things off or entice the kids to be on task this week we have ended class with the "Monster Mash" on Just Dance. The dance is a slow-ish pace, perfect for the younger grades and makes for a fun "circle" lesson.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bibbity Bobboty Boo! Pumpkins into your Favorite Book Characters

For the last fifteenish years our Library has hosted the "Annual Creativity Fair" in November. The charge of this Fair was to recreate a book scene with food. We have families and former students who recall this with great fondness. Honestly, I am not one of those people. When I saw these adorable Pumpkin Characters popping up on Pinterest (again, really?) I knew I had the way to switch.

Like always, my kids amazed me!!! As the pumpkins rolled in I was delighted, impressed and overall delighted by their creativity and seeing their favorites. I love kids' takes on books.


Friday, October 4, 2013

This Library is Haunted!

 October swooped in faster than I could have imagined and that means only one thing: if I don't get on it, Halloween will be here I and I have not decorated the Library. So the first day of October it is: spiderwebs, check. Mummy bulletin board, check. New (and old favs) Halloween books, check.My favorite glittery broom floating over my desk, check.

The most exciting new additions to our spooky space are our Ghostly Bibliophiles. These are classic Pinterest cheesecloth ghosts hung with my handy fishing wire and paperclips jammed in the ceiling tiles. The books were a little trickier because the whole point was to demonstrate actual reading, not just a floating book and the placement was rough. Overall I love them and I think they hit the mark. I am glad our district (and school) does not fuss about Holiday displays and that I can go all out this month.