Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Year of Bulletin Boards OR Pinterest Hacks for Libraries

Ideal Bulletin Board: SIMPLE and Impactful
OK, I am going to take it while I can - day two of team camps means I can cross ANOTHER Summer Goal off my list. Inconceivable!

Our Library is in the center of the school and has no walls. So yes, that's exactly as it sounds - a completely open design that everyone in the school sees daily. Because of this I am extra sensitive about my bulletin boards and they are a constant stressor for me. And forget children growing, nothing makes times fly like a season sensitive bulletin board. Unfortunately.

But that's ok, this year I am not going to stress each month about what fabulous message I will find and create - here is my list for the coming year. Keep in mind these ideas made the cut because they offer the whole package - attention grabbing, timely and SIMPLE. No murals here, people. This is absolutely one of the areas I feel my part time status.

I have one large board, one small side board and two small cases that face the halls. The smaller boards hang onto their messages longer than the main show.

August/ September: Books are just really long text mssges
October: Vampire Take a Bite out of a Good Book
November: SKippy Jon, Dude I can Read You like a Book
December: either Pete the Cat Santa Bus or Holiday PostCard
January: No, PostCard just won because I can make it work for December and January
February: Are You a Library Book? BC I'm Checking You Out!
March : Escape guy into Book
April: Turn it Off no Screen Week Graphic
May: Mermaid Dive into Reading

In Our Library: we.....
Movies/ Books Display

STEM Feature in Front Case

Genres in Back Case:
Think Pink
Boys Read

I will also do a cool Banned Books Week Display on top of the cases in September.

So, this is not even half the battle but again, a good start for June. Like menu planning, I still have to shop and cook but now we are having what we are having. And that helps!

Almost all of these ideas came from Pinterest...I am following a LOAD of AMAZING Librarians and Educators. Definitely check out my Pinterest Library Board to see some of the collections.