Thursday, July 11, 2013

Teacher Librarians to Follow on Twitter

 When Miriam Shook pinned this link: 75 of the Coolest Librarians to Follow on Twitter, it got my attention big time. Even in the July depths of summer. Melissa Steele has compiled quite the list of Librarians to follow and there are about 5 I intend to check out in just a few minutes. 

Opening the list I FULLY intended to find at least three specific Teacher Librarians I follow. I can not express my shock that no where in the 75 I did not find Library Girl, Matthew Winner or Mrs. Lodge.

For what it is worth, here is my addendum to Melissa's list: Teacher Librarians to Follow on twitter. More than anything I can pinpoint, Twitter has enhanced our Library. Daily I am inspired and taught by these impressive Educators. * when I follow someone on twitter they have caught my attention with their view on the tech and media merge happening *

By NO MEANS am I a Twitter expert. I KNOW there are a ton of amazing Elementary Teacher Librarians and Tech Innovators I am missing (main reason I was pumped to read Melissa's article). Who do you follow, who am I missing? Please Share! tweet me @mrs_stembrarian

Library Girl @jenniferlagarde What doesn't she cover? My go to for current Media Snapshot
Mrs. Lodge @MrsLodge Don't miss her blog and apps for tech savvy Library
Matthew C. Winner @MatthewWinner I don't know when he sleeps but glad he doesn't
WES Media Center @WESMediaCenter Love this blog as well, display, centers
Jenny Lussier @jluss Tech forward Librarian
Tammy Massman @TammyMassman Inspirational Skype Across America Enthusiast
Kelly Fischer @DixieLMS She plans "Boys, Books and Blocks" Need I say More?
Mrs. Hurley @hurlechr STEM, Tech, Media, Literacy Threads
Kathy McNeiece @kemcneiece Daily Media AND Tech insights
Michelle Gohagon @mgohagon any time I want a tech booster, I check out her blog
Carolyn Vibbert @carolynvibbert her enthusiasm for Elementary Media keeps me going

While pulling this quick list together I fell in love with the people I follow all over again! Every day I am amazed by the work done in education, and twitter brings this right to me. Real time.