Monday, July 22, 2013

Promethean ActivTable - Now, We're Talking!

This  fall will start our second year as a STEM school. When we applied our School Board was supportive in as much as they could be. We have received PD, Science Kits, accommodations and many more things I am sure I don't know about.

What we really need right now is Technology. Grants seeking support for 1:1 tech have been submitted and rejected time and again. The list could go on for a bit here so I am going to skip to the good part: A Promethean ActivTable is coming our way!!!! I am not the person to ask about details so again I will breeze over that part.

I checked out the ActivTable and I am excited, more than excited actually! My first thought was that this would be an Interactive Board with legs and would garner some attention for the first month of school then gather a little dust.

After investigating, I love that Promethean KNEW we would think that and created a Table that is to be used collaboratively and not with six kids waiting their turn.

I don't expect that I will use the Table too much in the Library because of the 6 student limit (unless I incorporate centers, which would be a home run) but I am thrilled to see this technology at our school. As of now it seems like tech that is not a gimmick and will engage students while growing us as a STEM school. As we get rolling in the year I look forward to updating the Table progress.

This makes me say again Thank You, Diane Lauer! You are a MEDIA and STEM hero!