Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to the Library with the MIMIO VOTE

In a tech meeting this week, we laid out our tech goals as a STEM school. As I have mentioned before, we are challenged when it comes to having the tech we want as a STEM school.

I loved that my Principal cut to the chase and laid it out: this is the year to USE WHAT WE HAVE. One thing we have (that I love) is MIMIO. I have used Promethean Boards and I must say I prefer MIMIO for many reasons. The resources at are a go-to for me and grow each time I visit.

Our PTA purchased a MIMIO VOTE system last year, and I have to say I love it! For those of you not familiar with the system, it has 30 hand held "joysticks" that students use to interactively participate with a MIMIO lesson. The kids love it, it is like giving them their favorite piece of candy and telling them it counts as their veggies for the day. Instant buy in!

Last year I pulled the vote system and created a quiz for Library Rules and Guidelines. You can design the quiz with as many possible answers as you want, and it is a one stop lesson for me because while I create questions for all grades the younger guys may stop a few questions early.

Beginning the year with this activity is perfect because it gives us a chance to jump into how we treat  technology and how we engage in group activities. Depending on the group we may have "outloud" discussions about each rule or we may practice independent work.

I like to pull out the bite damaged books as visual aids, take tours of the shelves, and practice check out procedures as part of this orientation.

The MIMIO VOTE system is my biggest ally in this process. I get that kids are not dying to come discuss rules in the library, but kids totally love a gaming system in their hand AND seeing their work on the large whitescreen. The natural consequences of not being on task or taking care of your VOTE "joystick" all but eliminate negative behaviors.

Throughout the year I use the vote as we read together and take AR quizzes with the VOTE system, demonstrate post unit knowledge, or use the fun "racing" function as we even practice math skills or word placement in Kindergarten.

How are you using the MIMIO VOTE? Let me know what I am missing and how I can integrate this fun technology even more throughout our year.