Saturday, August 17, 2013

Library Sparks Debuts New STEM Column

My first year in the Library, Library Sparks was a LIFESAVER!! Cover to cover is not an adequate description of how I read LS, it would be more like cover to cover upside down and inside out. Check out the website at - I prefer the magazine over the website but you can order a free sample and decide for yourself.

Then we became a STEM school. The transition made a huge impact on what we do in the Library and gradually I weaned myself from LS. As I have said before (and before and before) I am a Pinterest maniac and that has kept me rolling in ideas I could have never have imagined. Twitter has also become a go-to spot for PD, ideas and inspiration.

Library Sparks is not cheap (65.00 for 11 issues) and I was honestly considering not renewing our subscription this year. I had a few moments when the August/ September 2013 issue arrived to flip through and am I ever glad I did!

Page 20 has what I have been waiting for: Grow with STEM, a new column! This month highlights A Black Hole is NOT a Hole, and in LS fashion, multiple activities to investigate and integrate this text into the library. Keeping in mind that I have each grade for various times, this is SO easy to chunk, continue, or even launch online as at home enhancement.

Really, this is EXACTLY what I need right now. It answers my basic question on this blog: How does Media fit into a STEM education? This column completely energized my LS love. Scrapping the subscription is off the table for now - can't wait to see the other STEM columns have for us!