Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Goals Progress!

OK, not bad at all! So this is what happens when the kids are gone at the same time (thank you, team camps). I am determined to get through my summer goals this year and today was not a bad start. I love seeing where my holes are in Library Events. This also shows me very clearly that I need to research and plug in STEM events through the year. And I guess if they don't have them I will invent them.

I KNOW I have missed quite a few events that Libraries are celebrating. I spent some time going through blogs and calendars posted online but I decided it was time to create and add as I go. IF YOU KNOW OF AN EVENT I HAVE MISSED PLEASE LET ME KNOW. My purpose is to be as comprehensive as possible. And this is not to include Holidays, etc but Library and Literacy Events. And STEM events to come. THANKS!!