Saturday, March 9, 2013

Author Donald Samson Visit

Last month award winning author Donald Samson visited Edmondson. He visited us a few years ago, and the kids loved seeing him then. Since his last visit the rest of his Star Trilogy has been published and I knew our current 4/5 students would have plenty of questions for him.

Dragons always fly off the shelves and we have a nice group of higher level readers this year. Mr. Samson's presentation focused on the writing process from note taking to editing. Lots of editing. Much editing. I could see the teachers' delight every time he mentioned this, and the kids seemed encouraged as well.

Since the last time he had been at Edmondson, it was obvious Mr. Samson has presented many times over to groups of all ages. His confidence was apparent and an interesting discussion was now polished. As a bonus Mr. Samson sold copies of his books to our students below retail cost and returned the following week to inscribe them. This was a huge hit with students and I loved seeing the personal and encouraging touch Mr. Samson gave our writers.

Mr. Samson can be reached at for school visits.