Saturday, March 9, 2013

BookTalks.... here we go...

Obviously, going STEM as a school puts everyone on notice. How can we support and honor this? In the library, the kids and I have been enjoying Book Talks. I have had a few groups see me at recess to film, scripts in hand. The problem has been hosting/ uploading/ sharing. Which platform? 

After messing around with this more than a little, (and after buying a new smartphone) I think I have found a winner. With everything happening in the library, ease is key for me. I want to showcase the kids' work without overloading myself.

I mentioned that Donald Samson visited LEES...along with his Star Trilogy he brought signed copies of his new book, At the Hot Gates. Needless to say, it is a hit among our 4/5.  We had a bulletin board where kids could post their favorite titles, but I like this more in depth approach, and we all know readers love their technology!