Friday, March 15, 2013

Finally, accessible ebooks for our students!

A fantastic email came through my box a few days ago: Overdrive is up and running for Thompson School District. I love it! Last year I piloted an ebook "shelf" from Follet and while the interest was great, the application was clumsy and could only be used on Apple products.

Since last year the percentage of our kids who have e readers and tablets has sky rocketed. Love it! Getting the kids to bring both their library card AND device to me so I can help them download from the library has been a challenge...usually one or the other makes it, or the Kindle app has not been previously downloaded and there goes our 15 minutes of time.

This is a perfect fit! FREE, QUALITY titles available to our students with their login info. Right now the collection has 300 titles but I expect that to grow.

Even if I wasn't at a STEM school I would be thrilled with this support from our district. Simply, this is where our kids are going and I love that we are meeting them with such great options.