Tuesday, March 26, 2013

42 into Testing the Ice

One of my daughters is a history buff through and through. When she saw the trailer for 42 this weekend, I was dragged into the living room to watch. And watch it again. The ad on TV is a goosebumper, for sure. I instantly remembered the text Testing the Ice by Sharon Robinson. I love this book because it introduces the issues of Negro Leagues, self control, prejudice and mid century America in ways kids can access.

Because of our PBLs owning February I did not get to much Black History this year so I was thrilled to be able to pull this title and show the trailer. I led with the trailer and 4/5 was fascinated. The movie is PG-13 the kids and I went through the whole speech that their parents will obviously decide whether this is appropriate for them. (And this is where I routinely hear that all kids I know have seen more foul and inappropriate movies than I can imagine).

This was an impromptu lesson that came together .... and I was pleased to introduce this hero and generate interest in the biography and nonfiction sections. Plus, I am still waiting for any kids to recognize Indiana Jones!