Monday, February 3, 2014

Unite for Literacy - Primary Grades Alternative to Overdrive

I AM IN LOOOOVVVVVEEEE with our District's online Library. How can I count the ways? The selection, the ease, the updated titles, I seriously could go on and on.....

This afternoon I hosted 21 Kinders in the Library with the intention of walking them through their first ever Overdrive check out. These Kinders have their own iPads! These Kinders are savvy users of technology! These Kinders are readers - a better fit there never has been.

About 35 minutes before they arrived their teacher mentioned offhand that they all use the generic Kinder login - fghjkl vs a personalized username and password. No problem! The above qualifications mean they will adjust.

About 17 minutes before they came I realized I did not have 21 individual Amazon emails and passwords. No problem, they could all use my generic one for the library.

About 3 minutes after they arrived I realized I was insane. As I crawled around on the rug from kid to kid checking logins and adding 00s their teamwork and enthusiasm impressed me. As I told them I would be in Wednesday morning to split into Centers and load books my tunnel vision overwhelmed me. What was I thinking? As many successful downloads as we have had this month in our small library, these are Kinders!! Savvy and intuitive, yes; 10 years old, no.


This FREE website is filled with over 100 Titles my Kinders can access in one click and be reading instantly. The text is accessible and designed for emerging readers. Just exactly what we need, and a perfect springboard for my adventure in Kinder Overdrive.

Each book can be narrated in a Global choice of language - amazing and just right for our ELA kids and families.

This reminds me of RAZ-Kids minus the subscription fee and testing. Like I said, a one click reading resource.