Saturday, February 1, 2014

Love is in the Air (or on the Bulletin Board at least)

I think I have documented my love / hate relationship with Bulletin Boards!! We are in the very center of the school and they are sooooo important to engaging my kids and making the Library a fun place to be. But, oh, do they have to be changed so frequently? There is no faster way to speed up a month than change your Board.

This cutie was relatively easy, I pulled out the Cricut and my favorite Valentine colors. Part of me did not want to use this board because I thought everyone on Pinterest would roll their eyes and think "You can't come up with more original boards?" Ahah! Good thing my K-5 kids are NOT on Pinterest. So up he goes and the very first teacher that walked by lifted dreary late January spirits with giggling.

Another homerun, Pinterest : the magic lives for sure.