Saturday, February 8, 2014

5th Grade Coding Club with

Of all the concepts I have introduced this year in the Library, none have been as popular as Coding Club. And by that I mean a day does not go that I am not asked (harassed) by a 10 year old WHEN WE WILL START.

SO here we go! Two days ago I knew NOTHING about coding. Today I know nothing about coding. The research tells me this is ok - jumping in with the kids is the way to go. Which works because that's how we roll in Elementary STEM.

The reason my NOTHING shrunk to to a nothing is In 25 minutes I sputtered through a lesson that gave me a delightful bouncing name - I love it! I actually feel like I get the "concept" of java script and am prepared to keep going.

I really felt accomplished when my name bounced like the tutorial. I also love that the lessons are in a time frame I can actually preview and we can do in our lunch club.

We will begin this Wednesday and my biggest challenge/ heartbreak now is limiting the club to 5 kids. We will be in the Library at lunch and I only have 5 computers. My hope is to recruit some Programmers from OtterBox (via our partnership with OtterCares) to come 2 other days a week and host their branch of the club. 31 kids signed up to participate so it will be rough limiting to such a small number.