Thursday, November 17, 2016

Doodle4Google Contest - Open for all Students K-12!

We LOVE GOOGLE!!! We were super excited to take part in the Doodle4Google Contest. Who isn't fascinated by the daily Google Doodles? Inspiring and beautiful, the Doodles elevate search to discussion topics. 

As a STEM school we loved the theme. We applied the Design Thinking Process in 3-5 and had a two week blast! My envelope is almost ready to go as soon as the Recess Pile is empty. (The Deadline is not until December 2).

Other than seeing what students imagined, my favorite part by far was seeing the Inspirational Videos. These were works of arts in themselves. Click on the links below to front load the competition. You can access the rules, deadlines and entry forms HERE. There are activities for every grade level too, this activity is truly plug and play.