Tuesday, November 8, 2016

10 Best Gifts for the Techy Teacher in Your Life

Skip the planning and shopping - check out this Holiday List for the Tech Loving Teachers in your life. Affordable, tech gifts that are on their way in one click. 

iRig lets students share their learning and hit standards in the busiest of classrooms. This new model that connects directly to iDevices is mobile and powerful. Background noise is a thing of the past with iRig and this model frees up both hands for using the device (their hands are only so big lol).

This app changed our school! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! A dongle is 43.00 for the iPad Minis and the Reflector is 14.99 per license. Reflector actually is installed on the laptop in the space. WIreless devices then connect to the app and you are a WIRELESS and MOBILE class. Students can share work, demonstration of procedures just got WAY easier and it's incredibly affordable. This gift would be used in any Tech Friendly classroom.

Techie Teachers touch a LOT of devices. A LOT of keyboards. There is a LOT of fiddling and unscrewing (talking to you, stuck headphone jacks). Teaching in general calls for a strong manicure and Essie showed up. This two step combo SAVES time and DRIES so fast I am constantly tap touching to make sure it's really dry (it is). The Gel Top Coat has the best applicator I have used and I LOVE the 11.50 per bottle price. Essie has outlasted Sally Hansen and OPI time and time again. The formula is creamy and has the perfect amount of Holiday sheen,

So when you touch ALLL of those fabulous devices you touch ALLL of those strong germs! Sharing tech space with people means being close - and whether that's face close, hand close or I just got sneezed on close germs jump ship! Eden's Garden provides effective, potent essential oils at very affordable prices. Have a teacher you want to keep healthy? A Fighting Five and Lemon combo is a very thoughtful gift.

You don't even have to be a Teacher to see how awesome this is!! Time, Resources and and FUNDING are at a premium and this fits all targets. One iPod/ iPhone and up to 5 headphones. 

They always come: those days where every last resource falls through and TPT comes calling. Pinterest is great but TPT is the complete package.

This one may seem weird but trust me. When you touch about 2,000 keyboards a day and wash your hands even more times this lotion is AH-Mazing!!! Don't be put off by the "Man" title - the smell is fresh but not overpowering. Fighting for first place features of this lotion are the major hydrating power and the QUICK COMPLETE "soak in" ability. This a huge plus when dealing with tech daily. When you touch screens, boards, hands it is GROSS when your hands are slimy. It also attracts more germs and then you end up washing twice as many times which leads to that cracked skin by September 15.

There are so many Tech Gadgets out there and Makey Makey is not new. I like it because it is affordable and the possibilities are endless. I also like that Makey Makey is not tech reliant (like Cubelets, etc). Kids LOVE Makey Makey and it is great for Centers (if necessary), independent work or PBLs. This is an awesome product for front loading The Hour of Code and Critical Thinking.

Each District has very different App policies. App Funding policies vary widely also. A classroom with multiple devices may actually be Teacher owned, in which case that means it is Teacher Funded. At this point Apple owns the EdTech world, especially after GOOGLE shuttered GOOGLE Education Apps. An iTune Gift Card will never gather dust and will be appreciated for sure.

Like an iTune Gift Card, this gift will come in handy for almost any tech class situation. For the 1:1 rooms this tool is an essential. Headphones break off a few times a year in devices. Likewise, in a room with limited devices this tool is valuable because it allows you to get back to using your tech. I LOVE that this product came to market via KickStarter. We have saved HUNDREDS of dollars using this simple tool in our building. We currently keep one in service and have a backup at all times.