Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spooktacular Halloween Books for kids of all ages

Halloween is my favorite time of the year to be a Librarian. I love my job in all seasons, but during the fall I really really feel the Love. Our open concept space is decorated with spiderwebs, bats, ghosts and most things spooky. We have a high percentage of underprivileged students and as the data supports, I have noticed that these kids particularly love the holiday festivities and cheer.

And in late September each year I start pulling my Halloween books and both delight and grumble. Hello, my favorites, but aren't there a few new friends we can add to this party?

For the first time ever, my budget has actually INCREASED at both the district and building level: one of the things has meant directly for our shelves is that it is finally time to beef up our Halloween/ Spooky section! Aside from  my personal love of Halloween and all related books, I need to improve this genre to serve the ever increasing requests for the "Scary Books". You have heard it, you know: "Where are the Scary Books?" Our selection has been ok but by now my interested readers have gone through most of the selection and it is time for an update.

SO, money in hand (not a lot but more than I have ever had) and analysis run, I went in search of the new Halloween titles. This list has most of my new picks but also some of my classic favs. Let me know which of your must haves I left out! In alphabetical order only:

Bone Soup is a new purchase, an updated spin on the classic Stone Soup I look forward to sharing with my kids ...along with the original for a fun comparison!

Happy Halloween: I LOVE The Berenstain Bears and it is big fun to see Halloween at the Tree House. I love Sister's wisdom shared with Papa at the end after she and Brother realize all that is different is not necessarily scary.

The Best Halloween Ever: OMG, the Herdmans and Halloween! I can not imagine a better disaster in the making. This makes for a fun read aloud if you have the time or is a perfect read for that student that likes Halloween but not being scared.

Creepy Carrots: This Caldecott winner is another new guy for us but I think I am the last Librarian to add this to her shelves.

BEWARE: We have almost the entire GooseBumps series but this purchase is a direct nod to my students that are ready for the "really creepy" stuff. If not R.L., then who?

Crankenstein: I have taken to calling my daughter Crankenstein in the morning, and I look forward to most of my families sharing this love.

How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous. I am a HUGE NF fan, and books like this that have a million ways we can go and gross us out are at the top of my list. Year round shelf life!

Doll Bones. I think this will be released later this month or early next but I have a hold list going for it already. Bones, Dolls, who cares which creepy order?

Druscilla's Halloween: A witch that tries to make everything right is a tale we can all relate to. I love sharing the whimsy of Halloween along with the spook.

Frank was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance. This adorably illustrated book would be a  fun companion to Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich.

The GraveYard Book. I love this book so much that students tell me again and again "I have already read TGYB".

Even Monsters Need Haircuts. A clever picture book that is fun for those observant upper grades and cute younger guys at the same time.

The Halloween Kid: I was drawn to this retro classic illustrated book and another non scary Holiday read.

 Half Minute Horrors: I love the quick scary stories we can read as a group at the beginning or end of Library time and have the same impact as a longer selection.

Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble: This story that includes Grandmas, witches and decisions reminds me a little of Auntie Clause and Mrs. PiggleWiggle combined.

IMO, The Hallo-Wiener, no matter how many times I read it, is the gold standard Holiday picture book.

Monster Mash: totally made my daughter cringe when I was singing it out loud in BN AND the illustrations are engaging on their own - without the song I plan to blast while we jam!

How BIG Can Your Pumpkin Grow? No, I have not forgotten we are a STEM school. This imaginative text will lead us into many research based discussions and exploration.

The Spider and the Fly: a Creepy, cautionary classic with engaging illustrations and an accessible lesson for all ages.

Scary Story: What a fun, wonderfully illustrated Halloween story! This has been lost two times and it is a no brainer to be replaced each time.

Vampirina Ballerina: cutest concept ever coupled with the actual cutest Vampire ever guarantees this title will see very little shelf time this year.

The Widow's Broom: simple, engaging illustrations make this story come alive as we discover the secret to the Widow's newest household tool.

Zombie Love: OK, I admit, this is on my Valentine list also. This is a don't miss and I pull it out just because of the Zombies and we all love it!