Monday, September 16, 2013

Censorship 101: Banned Book Weeks for Elementary Libraries

 Banned Books Week for K-5 is a challenge for me. I am 100% behind the idea of celebrating and highlighting the fact that we can read whatever we want. Displaying the Banned Books from our shelves is a good way to intro the topic but I struggle to bring the idea alive for kids this age. Many of them lack the natural outrage that comes naturally to Middle Schoolers and some of the topics of Banned Books are touchy with K-5.

This year I am going the Censorship 101 route.What is Censorship? Is it lawful in America? Do we Censor one another? Our kids are so connected 24/7 and have no concept that there are places where someone would withhold text or the privilege of reading from anyone.

BrainPop has a video on Judy Blume that I will show them, the link is here: Judy Blume BrainPop Video

In just a few minutes Tim and Moby highlight Blume herself, her books, and her fight against censorship. I look forward to this connection with 4/5 that will launch us into censorship and Banned Books.

12 Banned Book Week Classroom Activities
At Teacher Hub this post outlines 12 Activities for Banned Books week. I love the focus on the 1st Amendment and especially the Banned Books Poll.

I look forward to this week and developing this concept with K-5. Appreciating our right to read what we want is something our kids need to absorb.