Thursday, September 12, 2013

National Thank a Police Officer Day - STEM Style

My Principal received an email last week from a group, "Wives Behind the Badge". This group was asking that we contribute to the National Thank a Police Officer Day in our town. In her email my Principal mentioned that maybe we could find a way to electronically present our thanks and highlight our STEM focus.

You know the deal: Testing starts this week, I already had plans for these dates, I already have lost class time this year...I could go on and on. How are we going to present sufficient electronic THANKS in a way equally busy Police Officers can enjoy?

Simplicity won: I pulled out the CriCut, created a large banner that read "LEES LOVES OUR POLICE" ( a cell phone disaster prevented a visual here). Every student signed the banner and added cute notes and drawings. I videotaped each class delivering a "ThankYou" message with my cell phone and then luckily emailed them to myself before my phone crashed.

After popping the videos onto our school YouTube account (marked "private" so no one will ever see them) it took only two clicks and I had personalized QR Codes. I printed those little guys and added them to the banner. This simple addition brought our banner to life as the Police Officers can quickly scan the codes and see our students THANKING them in 3-D.

Because we are a STEM school I wanted to focus on the Science and Technology that Law Enforcement utilizes. This week I heard "This is SO cool" more than a few times as we explored "Science For Kids By Kids", New Police Technologies and 2013 Police Car Demos.

Primary Grades read Officer Buckle and Gloria (could not pass up that favorite!) and we learned about the important roles Canine Police Units play in Law Enforcement.