Saturday, April 20, 2013

STEM Careers - the endless possibilities!


 This week we had a STEM Leadership Retreat and one of the things we did was review the pressing need we have for STEM education. And that is the biggest understatement I could have used.

I had already planned to cover STEM careers this week and the retreat work reinforced that. Last week I came across Careers in Biology from @scienceamy. (via one of my favorite blogs, Thanks to both of you) This year I have beefed up STEM non fiction and the kids are fascinated by it all so I anticipated a fun week.

I also came across this amazing Pinterest Board STEM Works (truly, I can not happily remember life before Pinterest) which led directly to the website

The amount of exciting possibilities on this website is amazing! The biggest challenge is choosing what to present and sifting through this content. An exciting week is looking better with each click.