Monday, December 28, 2015

Best App to Intro Coding

We went through a TON of resources in December as we tackled the Hour of Code. Before we return to school I am sifting through what worked, what wasn't great, what we will use again. At the top of the  Use Again list is Cargo-Bot, a FREE APP from Two Lives Left. There is a .99 version available and I have not used that so I can not speak to any improvements or advantages that offers. The free version kept Coders of ALL ages engaged and productive.

It is interesting to note that Cargo-Bot was created entirely ON an iPad using the App Codea. Codea is available in the App store for a 14.99 fee and is hailed as the "Garage Band" of coding.

Cargo-Bot is not new but I have found it to be more effective than many Apps out there. In a striking visual way CB breaks down the process of Coding. There are instant consequences when you don't think through your problem solving.CB also introduces the language of Coding along with the thought process.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Educator Protectiveness Plan - The Best Three Essential Oils for Your Healthy School Year

As a family, we have been using essential oils for a few years. My youngest daughter has asthma and oils brought relief when nothing else did, and our use grew from there. It is fair to say that essential oils are a weekly if not daily part of our lives.

As a staff we have been using essential oils just this year. The uses are endless and the effectiveness is amazing (each time)! It is easy to become overwhelmed so I put together this easy gift pack for educators interested in essential oils. Could I add and add and add? Of COURSE! But I reflected for some time and came back to these three essential oils.

We go through some Frankincense. I consider this a universal oil and effective by itself or when combined. No list or group would be complete without Frankincense.

Thaves - or Four Thieves, as it most commonly known. I can NOT begin to communicate how much I love this oil. Cooties coming? Thaves. Caught the Cooties? Thaves. In my house this is mixed with Lemon in a gelcap and given every other day to my daughter with asthma. My daughter in college applies her topically when she feels something coming on.
Clary Sage. Before I begin, this image came directly from Edens Garden. I purchase all of my oils directly from Edens Garden and have been thrilled with the quality, service and prices they offer. I can not get behind multi level marketing and paying three times the amount for a middle man. Click on the link above to go directly to Edens Garden (there is no compensation from EG for this post).

OK, Clary Sage - in my building we are 99% women and this is known as the Women's Oil for good reason. The infograph mentions many uses but it does NOT mention that Clary Sage lets you get a good night's sleep INSTEAD of waking up dripping in sweat. When I apply Clary Sage to the bottom of my feet before bed I sleep through the night. When I wake up I may be sweaty but I slept through the night and we all know that when we don't sleep not only do we suffer but our classes do also.

As I mentioned, there are many other Oils I use throughout the week but I felt that this trio is a great start for someone new to Oils.