Thursday, December 17, 2015

Educator Protectiveness Plan - The Best Three Essential Oils for Your Healthy School Year

As a family, we have been using essential oils for a few years. My youngest daughter has asthma and oils brought relief when nothing else did, and our use grew from there. It is fair to say that essential oils are a weekly if not daily part of our lives.

As a staff we have been using essential oils just this year. The uses are endless and the effectiveness is amazing (each time)! It is easy to become overwhelmed so I put together this easy gift pack for educators interested in essential oils. Could I add and add and add? Of COURSE! But I reflected for some time and came back to these three essential oils.

We go through some Frankincense. I consider this a universal oil and effective by itself or when combined. No list or group would be complete without Frankincense.

Thaves - or Four Thieves, as it most commonly known. I can NOT begin to communicate how much I love this oil. Cooties coming? Thaves. Caught the Cooties? Thaves. In my house this is mixed with Lemon in a gelcap and given every other day to my daughter with asthma. My daughter in college applies her topically when she feels something coming on.
Clary Sage. Before I begin, this image came directly from Edens Garden. I purchase all of my oils directly from Edens Garden and have been thrilled with the quality, service and prices they offer. I can not get behind multi level marketing and paying three times the amount for a middle man. Click on the link above to go directly to Edens Garden (there is no compensation from EG for this post).

OK, Clary Sage - in my building we are 99% women and this is known as the Women's Oil for good reason. The infograph mentions many uses but it does NOT mention that Clary Sage lets you get a good night's sleep INSTEAD of waking up dripping in sweat. When I apply Clary Sage to the bottom of my feet before bed I sleep through the night. When I wake up I may be sweaty but I slept through the night and we all know that when we don't sleep not only do we suffer but our classes do also.

As I mentioned, there are many other Oils I use throughout the week but I felt that this trio is a great start for someone new to Oils.