Monday, December 28, 2015

Best App to Intro Coding

We went through a TON of resources in December as we tackled the Hour of Code. Before we return to school I am sifting through what worked, what wasn't great, what we will use again. At the top of the  Use Again list is Cargo-Bot, a FREE APP from Two Lives Left. There is a .99 version available and I have not used that so I can not speak to any improvements or advantages that offers. The free version kept Coders of ALL ages engaged and productive.

It is interesting to note that Cargo-Bot was created entirely ON an iPad using the App Codea. Codea is available in the App store for a 14.99 fee and is hailed as the "Garage Band" of coding.

Cargo-Bot is not new but I have found it to be more effective than many Apps out there. In a striking visual way CB breaks down the process of Coding. There are instant consequences when you don't think through your problem solving.CB also introduces the language of Coding along with the thought process.