Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Very Best Books and Video Clips to Teach Growth Mindset

We have been a STEM school for four years. If you have looked into this transition or are a STEM school, you know that as soon as you think you are getting the hang of everything it is time to change it up!  This year we are embracing Growth Mindset wholeheartedly as a staff. We have a high % of kids in poverty and the idea of Growth Mindset is not one they naturally bring to school. I think it will be great for our kids and community.

The principle of Growth Mindset actually is a wonderful fit for the Library and I look forward to all of the fun things we will tackle. Some of the books on this list are my favorite "STEM" books, some are old favorites with an "old fashioned" message (keep going, you'll get there) and some are newly published with a specific Growth Mindset message.

I have scoured the loads of Growth Mindset YouTube videos and there are some pretty great finds. But there are some boring duds, as well. Below I am sharing my favorites that are entertaining and inspirational. This list progresses from kinder to 5th, with Kid President working for anyone. Because who doesn't love KP?

"The Power of Yet" featuring Janelle Monae

"Don't Give Up" Featuring Bruno Mars

"Persistent" featuring David Beckham

* I know, it's Sesame Street BUT for kinders and firsties, no one gets the message across quite like our SS Friends. I have even heard from my older kids who caught a glimpse that they enjoyed the videos*