Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cutest Fall, BACK TO SCHOOL Library Bulletin Boards

Whew! To paraphrase Mr.Slinger and Mr. Henkes, "Whew was about all she could say". I think that about says it all right now. We have been in school two weeks and I just NOW thought about posting these boards. This year I am "beginning" STEM Centers and there will be more on that but for now I am happy to post come fun boards.

I did a main board a few years ago with Minions and it was a hit. This is a variation and again, the kids love their Minions! I never would have thought to save the little yellow guys a few years ago, I thought for sure it was a one and done. Obviously Pixar had different thoughts. The little books are "3D", we just folded and stapled them on top last.

 I have two cases flanking the library in the main hall of the school. I try to use displays that appeal to most/ all of my students.

This case is by our computer lab and down by our older kids. One of my big pushes is to have my kids use Overdrive - I LOVE our district Overdrive Collection, and I don't want anyone ignoring this resource. Another goal with this display is to let kids know reading is in their hands and not something we "make" them do.