Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I am a Responsible Technology User FREE POSTER DOWNLOAD


I use the above poster in two ways: every student reviews and signs a paper size copy of this at the beginning of the year. The papers are then filed by class with the Principal. At the time of the signing the "actual" School District RUP is referenced, shown and discussed. Consequences are then laid out and reviewed. This happens in the Classroom with Classroom Teachers.

When students come to the Library after the Classroom review I have this poster (Poster Razor, my FAV hack EVER) in a very prominent place. We review the poster, discuss consequences and answer any questions. 

The poster stays in the prominent place all year and here's why: in November (or March or September 15) when I am discussing a violation with a student the FIRST thing I hear is "I didn't sign anything!" and when our Principal pulls the contract (signed of course) the SECOND first thing we both hear is "I didn't sign this" - this visual brings us all to a place of common ground, LOL!

Happy Technology Managing! What are your best tips? Share below!