Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Create your own FREE, AMAZING posters with POSTERAZOR

As much as I post about bulletin boards, you would think I love them.  Quite the opposite, actually. I really can't stand changing bulletin boards. It is one of the most time consuming parts of my job!!

I believe in the impact of BIIIGGGG signage - unfortunately, our district does not believe in the impact of BIIIGGG library budgets.

But it's OK - I have PosteRazor, a FREE downloadable program that takes ANY image and prints it in your customizable proportions.

To begin, have your electronic image ready. All copyright laws apply, so be aware of that and make sure the image you use is your own or available for use. I love picmonkey for creating quick, adorable signs and graphics. I will show you how I printed the 2' by 2' HOT sign to post under our new 3D Printer.

I created this image on picmonkey using the design function and adding text. I saved this image as a jpeg to my desktop.

After going to you will find this page:


You will need to download the program (TOTALLY FREE). After you are all set up, the fun begins!

 You will add your image to this "magic box" and follow the prompts. Pay attention to the quality of your image - when these images are blown to larger proportions it can be frustrating seeing it pixellated. If you use a good image though, your finished product will be beautiful.

There are 5 steps before you have your "poster" and can save. Each step is an easy point and click menu.

Your poster will save as a PDF and is ready for printing. Sometimes I will open the poster, check out the pixellation and repeat the process for a smaller size.

Here is the print preview of my new poster, the first of 6 pages. Almost there!!

After printing, the most difficult step arrives. Assembling the poster is a puzzle piece that does require patience and a steady hand. And lots of glue sticks!! Laminating is the best way to make sure the pieces stay together, but sometimes my posters are too big for our laminator. The more you assemble your posters, the easier it gets. You will develop your method for sure.

I LOVE the ability this program gives me to create fast, colorful FREE posters for all of the crazy things we sign in the Library. I prefer using this program to cutting out individual letters for bulletin boards by far.

Here is the finished product under our new printer - nothing super fancy, but it IS exactly what I needed. It was free and I was done start to finish under 30 minutes.