Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Reading Essentials Part 2

I have been really looking at the way we present Summer Reading Resources to families. Based on our fall literacy testing numbers and the Public Library Participation rates for our school, the "letters" I send home with the lists of resources have not been cutting it in past years. That is one of the driving forces behind our Field Trip this Wednesday (so excited, will update).

Anyhow, I have been messing around with some infographs this past week. I love piktograph but the way it prints is not good for sending home (and we are no where near an electronic folder). I decided to mess around with prezi since I love the templates they have added. Last week I came up with the original Summer Reading Essentials but didn't love it. Too cluttered. I got back to it this morning and prefer the simple lay out of take 2. Saving the prezi as a PDF is a breeze too, a snap for printing and posting in newsletters and online.