Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Beyond the Pond and The Ocean at the End of the Lane: Flip Sides of the Same Coin

This morning I was purchasing and came across a DELIGHTFUL title for kids. Beyond the Pond by Joseph Kuefler. Ernest D is a little boy who discovers the wide, deep world below and beyond the pond near his home. We are talking Unicorns, Sunken Ships, Sharks - almost everything a boy's imagination can cook. The best part of this book is the way Ernest looks at the world when he returns from the Pond.

Likewise, the most terrifying thing about Gaiman's Ocean at the End of the Lane is how readers look at the world after the last page. It's out there and one turn reveals it all in terrifying clarity. I read this book for the first time right after my youngest daughter had been in the hospital. I could not sleep after reading this and that has never happened to me before or since. No one grips the essential core of readers like Gaiman. I have read far and wide there are no words like his.

I love to see the same concept explored for child readers and BRAVE adult/ YA readers.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Headphone Jack Broken in iPad? We tested the GripStick, check out our Results.

It was undeniable: the stack of iPads that needed a broken headphone jack removed was 8 deep. Of the 175ish iPads we have that does not sound bad at all. When the estimate from the district came in it got bad. $92.00 per iPad for a total of over 800.00 (with tax and YES our district charged us tax)!

There was a hopeful rumor floating that a neighboring SHOA could remove the tips with just a look but it turned out the magical SHOA was a school secretary that retired last year and moved to Idaho. So that was that.

And YouTube showed us that no amount of dried superglue, toothpicks and Bic pens could solve our problem (talking to you, BigPapi92).

We came across this link and voila!!! truly genuinely the answer to our problems, the GripStick.

Check out this video demonstrating the application

The video sealed the deal for us. What did we have to lose? Even kinders at a STEM school can tell you that 24.99 beats 800.00.

Well, thank goodness for my husband!! When the GripStick arrived (super fast shipping, arrived in two days) I was so excited to be as quick and effective as the video. So apparently I am not the girl in the video BUT my husband was able to remove 4 jacks before our GripStick gave up the ghost. By the end of the fourth removal the GripStick came apart and it was bent and not functioning.

Bottom line: do I wish it withstood more removals? Absolutely. But after this I am hopping over to to order two more GripSticks. The 4 removal lifespan took our repair cost down to 6.00 per iPad and in two days this tool is going directly to my husband.

I especially love that this product was designed by students and was KickStarted. I look forward really to the kinders that don't jam the headphones!! Can anyone KickStart that?

Friday, September 2, 2016

Denver Broncos Reading Sheet - FREE DOWNLOAD

My husband won a beautiful Broncos Football at a golf tournament a few weeks ago. It actually was my husband who told me it would be perfect for a reading contest. Duh! It is TOTALLY perfect. If you haven't been in Colorado then you may not know but the BRONCOS ARE KINGS. 

This worked perfectly for me - every kid who crosses off their Broncos (20 minutes a day) receives a pizza and ice cream coupon. Every name will then be submitted to win the football! 

Click here for the FREE DOWNLOAD. I will update this post as I have my participation numbers.